NYC-based brand, Entree Lifestyle (or Entree LS), released their brand new 2012 Summer collection this week, dubbed “Concrete Jungle” after the city they are from.

Inspired by NYC, the new seasons offers a variety of hats (snapbacks), tees and tanks with the Big Apple in mind when creating the graphics.

Some of the keys pieces in the collection are: the Misunderstood #91 Dennis Rodman tee, which boasts a stylized graphic of the NBA great’s head with the word “MISUNDERSTOOD” curved above it. They utilized their camo print as his famous hair dye design and the number 91 on the back.

There’s also the Concrete Jungle tee, which boasts a logo design playing off the Denver Nuggets’ vintage logo, using the NYC skyline instead with the BLUE lights that represent the twin tower buildings. It has a #11 on back of the shirt with the word “Stronger”.

“911 Made us strong. We stand here over a decade later, even STRONGER,” says the brand.

The Summer 2012 “Concrete Jungle” collection is available now at select retailers, and Entree’s online shop at