50 Cent

50 Cent50 Cent is better after being hospitalized this week.

He appeared on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show Thursday evening (May 17), alongside DJ Drama to promote their upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape The Lost Tape, during which he explained the situation what happened.

“I ate something in London that wasn’t right with me. I threw up out there, and I had a comfortable flight back, then I ate here (in New York) and I threw up again,” Fif explained.

“I went to the doctor … It’s the first time I ever got sick like that. When I went to the hospital, they was talkin’ ’bout I got a blockage in my small intestine.”

So, as of Thursday evening (May 17), 50 was back in action.

As the interview continued, he discuss a new connection he has with Cam’ron, revealing that the former enemies are are good terms, and have already started collaborating on projects.

“I had a chance to get on the phone [with Cam’ron]. We kicked it,” Fif said. “It came out of nowhere, but it was time for us to have that conversation. They should look forward to us working together.”

Fif also talked Lloyd Banks. There’s been rumors of Banks having tension with the rest of G-Unit, but 50 says he’s allowing Banks to “develop” on his own.

After putting so much energy into Banks’ career, he now wants to focus on his own music.

“There’s a point when artists need to develop themselves and their things on their own. He’s reached that point,” 50 explained. “You work for me but I’m working for you? That’s the concept that’s been going on their entire career… I gotta focus on me too.”

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The Lost Tape is slated drop drop May 22, exclusively on DatPiff.com.