The Hulk vs. Superman: DOPE Animated Fight (Video)

With the blockbuster “The Avengers” taking over theaters the past few weekends, interest in superheros has increased on the Internet, reviving a series of animated fan-made clips of The Hulk fighting Superman, which began in late 2010.

While the two superheros have faced each other three times in comics books (1981’s DC and Marvel Present #28: Superman and Spider-Man; 1996’s Marvel Comics vs DC #3; 2001’s Marvel Comics / DC, The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman), the Man of Steel has always come out on top.

Animator Michael Habjan took the challenge of re-creating his take on one of the most argued hypothetical fights in comic fans history.

He began the online series with the initial clip in December 2010, showing Hulk and Superman meeting face-to-face and squaring off … but no action actually taking place. The second clip finally surfaced in June 2011, showing the beginning of their fight. The most recent came in March 2012 …. and ends with a “To be continued.”

Apparently, from the videos’ descriptions, it’s an on-going project.

This is a continuation of the Intro scene I made six months ago. Hulk and Superman are in the desert and the fight begins. This is a work in progress and there is more battle scenes to come, this is just the first part. There will probably be two or three sequences to follow this, but I’m doing it in parts because it takes forever to get it done and I want share as it’s being completed. I’m open to suggestions and ideas from anyone, so let me know what you’d like to see in fight scenes to come. When all the scenes are done I plan to combine them together into one epic fight.

This is the second part to my ongoing animation project, a tribute project to Superman and The Incredible Hulk. As you’ll notice, the models and overall look has evolved and will continue to do so in future sequences. I’m already working on a new look for the Hulk on the next one. I got professional help this time in the music and sound design department, provided by the talented Francois Gratecap, which has made the whole project that much better. So my thanks to him.

The video is very impressive. We enjoyed it. Who will win the battle in the end? Tell us what you think?

  1. That’s fine. The Hulk has actually been known to survive in space for extremely long periods of time. And that’s only if Superman would be capable of doing so. They’re both pretty much indestructible, but The Hulk has limitless strength, unlike Superman. He has a finite amount. I’d have to say that the Hulk would take this one.

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