50 Cent hospitalized

50 Cent hospitalized50 Cent was hospitalized on Wednesday (May 16) after falling ill with some sort of stomach illness, and remains in the hospital, as of Thursday afternoon (May 17), but says he’s feeling better.

News surfaced on Wednesday when the hip-hop mogul tweeted about being in the hospital and posting a pic, but did not divulge details about why.

“I’m in the hospital but my gangsta grillz LOST TAPE is done so it will be out on time,” Fif wrote (@50Cent), later adding, “I don’t want to go into surgery. @FloydMayweather call my phone why your phone off.”

His boxing friend later sent a shoutout to 50 during an appearance on V103’s Ryan Cameron show. “Please keep 50 Cent in your prayers he is in the hospital and he is extremely sick… we will remain positive,” Mayweather said on-air.

Details were unknown yesterday, but on Thursday, 50 tweeted about feeling better and possibly being released.

In a post on his ThisIs50.com website, a hospital employee revealed further details about 50’s illness, which the hip-hop star has confirmed as “pretty accurate.”

“50 Cent said he had traveled to London on business over the weekend for a soccer event. While there he had a meal shortly before heading to the airport. On the way to the airport he fell ill and couldn’t keep his food down. However, needing to be back in NYC to complete some tape he continued to his flt. On the plane he ate a meal without incident. After landing at JFK he headed straight to his office, stopping along the way to grab a bite which after eating made him ill again. After being unable to hold his food down he decided to spend the night in the city versus heading to his mansion in CT (the one that was once owned by Mike Tyson she goes on to say)

She goes on to say “the following morning 50 went to see his doctor where his temperature and blood pressure were checked, both of which were normal.” still according to her “He left the doctor’s office and went straight to his office to do an interview DJ Drama and DJ Enuff for his mixtape” (she’s referring to the Gangsta Grillz one – dropping this Tuesday).

“At that point 50 fell ill once again. He felt light headed, started sweating and having abdominal cramps due to dehydration I guess and not having any food left in his stomach. His staff was growing increasingly concerned (he has NEVER been sick) as he left the office. On his way home he knew something was wrong and immediately went to the hospital where we gave him morphine for the pain. He was given a dye to drink and went through a cat scan which revealed he had a blockage in his small intestine.”
“At that point 50 was given the option of having a tube placed down his nose into his stomach to relieve the blockage or have surgery. After four unsuccessful attempts to remove the blockage with the tube doctors decided that method was not going to work. As of now he is being observed to see if anything changes, if not he will have to undergo surgery.”