DMXDMX dropped a free EP for fans this week, as he gears up for the release of his comeback album, Undisputed.

In support of the Weigh In EP, the New York rap legend called into MTV News to explain why he hit fans with a mixtape, a trend he’s never embraced. He says it serves as an “appetizer”.

“Everywhere I go people are like, ‘When’s the album droppin? When’s the album droppin’?’ So I was just like, lemme hit ’em with something, let them know, give them a little appetizer of what it’s gonna be like,” X said. “Not the same songs, because I’m sitting on like three albums right now, but ya know, just what it’s gonna be like.”

DMX also says he’s shifted his focus back to the music.

After years of legal issues and struggles with addiction, he says he’s ready to be more professional about his career.

“It’s a good thing. I wish it was always like that, but you can’t really worry about what people think, what they say. I just gotta do me,” said X. “The focus is on taking the music seriously, as a job, and less trouble.”

While Undisputed has yet to receive a release date, X says it’s coming this fall.

Until then, fans can download The Weigh In EP, which boasts six new songs, as well as appearances from Tyrese, Lil Wayne, DJ Envy, and Snoop Dogg. Download it now, over at