T.I.T.S. Brand Releases Free iPhone App Based Around ‘Wifey’ Tee Series

The Wifey App by Two In The Shirt

The Wifey App by Two In The Shirt

T-shirt brand, T.I.T.S. Brand (aka Two In The Shirt), released their long in-the-works iPhone app on Tuesday (May 15), The Wifey App.

Based around their popular “Wifey” tee series, thee free app allows users to create and customize their own Wifey images by taking a photo of your wife, spouse, girlfriend or whoever, and customizing it with various fonts, photo filters, and T.I.T.S. Brand logos.

The app boasts 10 different fonts, 11 filters, 5 logos, multiple color logo options, and image resizing capabilities. Also, users can share via email, or through Facebook and/or Twitter.

The Wifey App is availble now in the App store, and on iTunes.

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