LaTocha Scott, best known for her work with the 90’s soul group Xscape, returns with a resonating new  single entitled “Bad Timing”, the start of her upcoming formal debut album as a solo artist.

“Bad Timing,” as with LaTocha’s previous Xscape releases, is captivating to her supporters, who have flocked to Twitter to offer their happiness over the single’s release, which continues to sweep iTunes as one of the site’s top selling R&B singles.

Additonally, LaTocha will be releasing more music prior to her as-yet-titled-album’s national release, set to drop later this year via her own imprint.

Although the platinum-earning Xscape disbanded in 1998, due to creative differences, LaTocha’s voice as a song writer continues to grow.

Explaining the new single and its direction, she said: “The concept of the song is about a relationship that starts off perfect when the romance is behind closed doors, but as they become more visible with their romance, she notices that he has other things that are more important to him. She continues to recognize that the relationship is only perfect when they are alone, so the best thing for her to do is to leave before it ruins the feeling that was once shared amongst [sic] the two.”

LaTocha is excited about returning to her craft and to the studio. Ready to showcase her new style and perspective, the singer is working hard to remind the world how real R&B sounds. Her solo debut is due out in late 2012.

As of press time, the upcoming album has yet to be titled, or given a definitive release date. However,  she’s planning the release of an upcoming mixtape, titled T.N.T.B. (Truth-N-The-Booth),  expected to drop in June, coinciding with BET Awards Weekend. Stay tuned…

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