The Hundreds dropped their new Summer 2012 collection last week… everywhere. So, if you haven’t seen any of it yet, we got you covered with imagery of some of its key pieces.

Since its summer, the brand drops a bunch of new fun stuff as you prepare for hot weather, including a variety of tanktops and graphic tees, various colored shorts, and some boardshorts as well. It also boasts new headwear, button-up tees, and even a few sweaters. Each piece introduces new, high quality fabric, unique color ways and patterns, and original graphics.

According to, the collection takes inspiration from the Mayan calendar’s prediction of an impending apocalypse, adding militaristic influenced pieces juxtaposed by beach-minded striped fabrics and tongue-in-cheek graphics.

The Summer 2012 Collection is available now at Hundreds flagships (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York. Santa Monica), authorized retailers, and online at