Death Row Records - 20 To Life: Rare And Dangerous, Vol. 1

Death Row Records - 20 To Life: Rare And Dangerous, Vol. 1WIDEawake, the company who purchased Death Row Records back in 2009, continues to crack opened the iconic label’s vaults and put out previously unreleased songs.

The latest release from WIDEawake Death Row Records is a 20th anniversary compilation, titled 20 To Life: Rare And Dangerous, Vol. 1.

The newly released album features never-before-heard tracks from former Death Row Records signees: Kurupt, Jewell, O.F.T.B., the LBC Crew, and Snoop Dogg. It also boasts a rare appearance from a young Lil Bow Wow.

The LP’s standout tracks include “Untouchable” by female spitters Lady of Rage, Bloody Mary and Storm (from Tupac group, the Outlaw Immortalz).

“20 TO LIFE will blow you away with a rare glimpse into the history laden vault of the iconic Death Row Records,” the label said in a press release.

20 To Life is out now. Order your copy at

Below is the album’s final tracklisting:

1. “I’m So Crooked” – Crooked I
2. “Untouchable” – Lady of Rage, Storm, Bloody Mary
3. “Wolf Tickets” – K-Solo ft. Kurupt
4. “After 3” – Lil Bow Wow, Kurupt, Jewell, CPO
5. “6 Shooter” – LBC Crew
6. “Fleetwood Mac” – CPO
7. “N****z Pay For P****” – Big Pimpin’, Snoop Doggy Dogg
8. “3 Wishes” – Jewell
9. “Sticky Situation” – J-Flexx
10. “Ain’t Got No Time” – O.F.T.B.
11. “When Nina’s Gone” – Bloody Mary
12. “This Type Of Flow” – Soopafly