singer Houston - 2012 arrest

singer Houston - 2012 arrestIt’s been around eight years since he enjoyed success in the music biz, falling off the radar after suffering an emotional breakdown in 2005 and disappearing. But, singer Houston re-surfaced recently, making headlines for a DUI arrest in Los Angeles last week.

The now 28-year-old shot to stardom in 2004, thanks to the success of his hit single “I Like That,” featured Nate Dogg and Chingy. However, the pressures of fame and success weighed on him, and eventually culminated in an emotional breakdown a year later, where he famously gouged his own eye out with a fork.

TMZ obtained a recent mugshot of Houston (real name: Houston Summers), who was arrested by police after being spotted driving erratically near Malibu, California last Wednesday (May 2).

After he was pulled over, officers said they smelled marijuana when they approached his vehicle, and when they tried to question him, he was incoherent.

Houston was arrested on suspicion of DUI. However, sources tell TMZ that cops believe Houston was driving under the influence of drugs … not alcohol.

Following Houston’s 2005 breakdown, where he first attempted suicide by jumping out of a window before locking himself in a room and gouging out his eye, he was institutionalized for a year following the incident. He’s since come out to explain that the “pressures of fame” attributed to his mental unraveling.

The singer was released from jail Thursday (May 3). However, he has yet to comment on the arrest.