CP3’s Two-Year-Old Son Steals Attention Post-Game With ‘Blake Face’ (Video)

By BallerStatus Staff  |  05/07/2012

CP3 and his Los Angeles Clippers team celebrated their second playoff win against the Memphis Grizzlies over the weekend. While Chris Paul spoke to reporters, following the win, his two-year-old stole all the attention.

While describing a pass to Blake Griffin for a monster dunk late in the fourth quarter, Paul looked to his son -- who was sitting on his lap -- to help him out with an impression of Griffin.

"I just know I got into the lane," Paul said. "I saw the two guys looking at me and I saw Blake... make the Blake face (he said to his son)."

Basically, when Blake wants the ball, he makes a certain facial expression as a signal for the lob pass. Paul's son knows it all too well.