Earl Sweatshirt

Earl SweatshirtOdd Future’s long-exiled member Earl Sweatshirt returned to the scene back in February … and is now making his own moves.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, the teen rapper revealed that he is hard at work on new music, and working on a collaborative project with Tyler The Creator called EarlWolf.

However, the forthcoming release will not be housed under OFWGKTA’s Odd Future imprint, but under Earl’s own Columbia Records-distributed label, Tan Cresada.

Additionally, Earl revealed plans for two more albums, his studio debut and yet another collaborative project with OFWGKTA member, The Internet.

Further details about all three projects — including release dates — were unknown at press time.

Also in the Times piece, Earl confirmed past reports about his stay at Samoa’s Coral Reef Academy, a therapeutic retreat for at-risk boys. Because of his time at the academy, he plans to change some misogynistic lyrics heard on 2010’s Earl project.

At the time, Earl began working at the center, he began looking at things different.

“I had already come to the conclusion that I was done talking about” that sort of subject matter, he said. “There’s nothing that you can — there’s no, you can’t evade the — there’s no defense for like — if you have any ounce of humanity,” he said, the feeling swallowing the words.