With Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming fight against Miguel Cotto set to go down in Las Vegas this Saturday (May 5), the undefeated boxing great covers ESPN Magazine’s newly released “Money Issue.”

Here’s a clip from the interview for the mag’s special issue, in which Money Mayweather explains why he’s able to make so much money, revealing that he keeps 100% of the revenues generated through his brand within his inner-circle. He  also discusses the luxuries of his crazy fortune and the lifestyle it’s afforded his family and friends, and estimates that he’ll generate anywhere between $500-$600 million over the next 12 months.

As part of ESPN’s “Money Issue,” they released of the world’s high-paid athletes … and guess what? Floyd Mayweather is the high-paid sports athlete in the U.S., raking in more than $40 million a year. For the full list, visit ESPN.com.

Mayweather vs. Cotto will take place the MGM Grand in Vegas this Saturday, and on HBO Pay-Per-View.