Rising Harlem newcomer A$AP Rocky has created quite a following among fans, many of which who love his fashion sense. If you’ve followed his music since he gaining notoriety in 2011, then you know how he likes to name-drop brands he likes and loves to wear. This has become such a topic of discussion when doing press, that he’s decided to pump the brakes on the issue.

In the latest episode of MTV’s “Hip-Hop POV,” he tells host Amanda Seales why. I am gonna do that,” A$AP said when asked about talk that he’s going to stop the brand shoutouts. “I’m putting too [many] people on the game when I do that.”

A$AP appears Episode #4 for MTV’s new show, “Hip Hop POV,” which aired Wednesday (May 2). During his segment, he also talks about his song “Cristal,” which he schools Amanda about when she asks why he would support the champagne brand when they have publicly stated that don’t like the attention they’ve received from hip-hop. For more, visit MTV.com.