Wiz Khalifa

Wiz KhalifaWiz Khalifa was busted for weed recently, for the second time in just over a week.

According to TMZ, the rapper (real name: Cameron Thomaz) ticketed for possession of marijuana in North Carolina on Tuesday evening (May 1), after authorities searched his tour bus.

Shortly before a scheduled concert in Winston-Salem Tuesday night, officers searched his bus and discovered 11.39 grams of weed. Wiz was cited, released, and is now required to appear in court on July 27.

Just after midnight, the rapper tweeted (@RealWizKhalifa), “They Hate Us.” An hour later, he followed by writing “Made It Out Alive.” However, it’s unclear if he was indirectly responding to the run-in with police.

Additionally, other members of his entourage were also cited. Their names weren’t released, as of press time.

Wiz was busted for the same charge in Nashville just before, on April 21), when police were called to a local Holiday Inn after hotel guests complained about marijuana smoke coming from his room.

The rapper and a friend were cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession, and released. He’s scheduled to appear in court on that charge on May 14th.

Wiz Khalifa’s reps declined to comment on Tuesday’s arrest as of press time.