Q&A: Kirko Bangz Talks New Generation Of Houston

Pretty boy swag! Is that even legal? Pretty smile, pretty eyes, pretty pockets, and … such a disgusting delivery. How can these polar opposites intermingle with such a peaceful cohesion? Ask Kirko Bangz. The Houston native, has organically channeled the art of redirecting the lust for his looks into a lasting respect for his creative core. Through hip-hop, he shares an unabashed authenticity. A humble financial background motivated Kirko, not to only pursue his dream, but to stalk it, trap it, and make that bitch sing.

As Kirk “Kirko Bangz” Randle continues to grow into the man he’s destined to become, his burgeoning discography serves as the soundtrack to his success. In this exclusive interview with BallerStatus.com, Kirko Bangz thoroughly discusses everything from music, boppers, and drugs. Read along…

What’s up with you; how are you doing?

I’m chillin,’ chillin’; you?

I’m straight. Is there anything that you don’t want to discuss, because my questions are going to be very intrusive?

I mean, if you can ask me something that I haven’t heard already, I would appreciate that.

(laughs) Okay, I will try. I want to clear up some confusion. Is your moniker an ode to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain?

Actually my name is, Kirk — K-I-R-K — I just added the, O. I needed something to go with. My names in high school, I had Cap’n Kirko and Cap’o Kirk. I needed something to rock with. Then I had Kirko Jamz, but that wasn’t tight, so I went with Kirko Bangz.

Since you’ve chosen to take a proactive role in hip-hop, your voice can be powerful. To a Bangz novice, how would you describe your overall talent? Is it that of a lasting poet, or is it more of an exciting performer?

There’s a balance. I’m a new artist and everything is progressing. I’m recording music and making songs, just really learning the ins-and-outs of being in the studio. It’s the same thing with performing. I know I’m not the best, but I’m still getting better every time that I perform. It’ll be good for my progression.

Often, Southern rappers have to make the industry come to them. With the lessons that you’ve learned from LMG and Unauthorized Entertainment, how are you transitioning into your role with Warner Bros?

Sh**, really, I’m doing the same thing that I’ve been doing. I’m recording music. Now the only thing that’s different is that we have a machine behind us. It’s getting us that nationwide love and that international love.

As a relatively new artist that’s dedicated to defining your lane. How do you handle hearing the constant comparison that you encounter?

A lot of times people will allude to what they really want to say. When they say comparisons, it’s Drake. He is real big in Houston. I’m from Houston; I’m a big fan of Drake. Really, we’re just n****s out here making money. With the comparisons and all that stuff — when I’m compared to Drake, or Wayne, or whomever — I look at it like this: I just started. They’ve been around forever and they’re million dollar n****s. I know that the more that I do it, the more that my sound is going to get me more in my own lane. Eventually, people are going to catch on.

I can respect that. Many folks are looking to Propain, Doughbeezy, H.I.S.D., and yourself as the next generation of artists who speak for Houston. Do you feel any added responsibility to do well?

Yes, most definitely. People show you love, but now that the door’s been open, the pressure is on. We’re trying to get back to [the notoriety] that we had in ’05. Between everybody out here, we go it. Everyone is doing their own parts, that’ll put us back on top. That’s our main goal and we’ll get it. Are you from Houston?

I’m from Oklahoma.

I remember when H.IS.D. were on the yellow school bus with The District. How do you know about all them?

I love lyricism, so I support H.I.S.D. If you have good music; I’m listening. Your guy, Marcus Goree, is the one who actually connected me to Propain. I did Propain for AllHipHop.com. How are you learning to differentiate between creative criticism and rigorous hate?

I don’t care about it. (chuckles)


Nah, I don’t give a damn about that. When I was growing up I had way different problems than that sh**. What I went through when I was growing up got me ready for this sh**. I treat these n****s like flies now. This is like a 9-5, so if the n**** in the next building is hating on what I’m doing, that’s on him. Why does the next man need to hate on what I’m doing? At the end of the day, he’s just mad because he ain’t in my building. I’m all good on my end.

Given that you’re pursuing your music career, are you still interested in earning your undergrad degree?

Nah, I ain’t never going to go back to college. While I was in college my goal was to get on. Through my networking, I’ve made it to where I am now. College was a stepping stone that helped me out a lot.

Seeing that you were a mass communication major, I wanted to know if you had a favorite author.

Nah, when I was in school, I barely went to class. I just recorded music and f***ed with girls. Yeah, that’s what I was doing in college.

(laughs) At least you’re honest.

Yeah, my whole thing with going to college was to use it as networking to help me with my music.

I f*** with you, Kirko.

(chuckles) I appreciate it.

After listening to “Ugly Bitches” and “My Car”, you had me laughing out loud. I even tweeted “…Yo bitch wanna leave comments / I just use her face as a condom.” Your mouth is reckless; does your slick mouth ever get you into you trouble?

Get in trouble by who? They may say stuff, but that’s how I do music. I just say what I say. Sometimes that’s how it comes out. I ain’t gonna lie; I just say what I say. I never think about it when I write it, or when I’m recording it. Sometimes, after I listen to it I’m like, “Oh sh**, did I really say that?” But people appreciate when you’re real. Ain’t no n**** gonna run up to you about their perception of what you do with music. Every n**** done thought about it; I just chose to write about it.

Outside of music, is your mouth still slick?

Nah, it’s not. Actually, I’m just laid-back. I don’t speak a lot. I’m real observant. So, when I get to recording, I just say everything that I was thinking.

(chuckles) You’re a funny guy, I like it. You were raised by a single mother, how do you view women?

I view them as the best thing ever. I dunno man, I struggle. A lot of times, all of them just want to f*** or some sh** like that. If I let them, they get on and try to make up sh**. Man, I love women. What would we be without y’all? What would we do? Every time I come home, I still be getting home cooked meals from my mom. You got to put them up there, you know what I’m saying? Even though I do stuff like “Drank In My Cup,” you got to know how to take care of them. I do have a heart. I do know that you got to treat women with the utmost respect.

Now that you’re on, is it easy for you to tell the boppers from the women with worth?

Yeah, that’s easy. Now I got supreme bopper patrol now. It’s all good, but the boppers are around. The boppers are bopping!

What’s the most outrageous thing a female has done to get your attention?

Tattoo my name on her.

Shut up, lying! A stranger tatted your name on her?

Yeah, it was on her ass check, too.

Did you make the tatt worth it? Did you actually f*** with her?

No. I was like, “Man, that tattoo is throwed! That’s what’s up; I appreciate it.”

(laughs) You told her you, “appreciate it?” That’s too funny!

(chuckles) What am I supposed to do, take her to Denny’s?

Denny’s, wow! (laughs)

But the crazy thing about that is, I did a song on my mixtape I was like, “…tattoo my name on you if it’s real / or tattoo my name on you if you’re dumb as hell.” But, I recorded that sh** way before I knew about that tattoo. It’s funny, because I follow her on Twitter. She hit me about that sh**, she was kinda mad, because she thought I was talking about her. But you can tell her I love her, though. (chuckles)

(laughing) I’m quite sure you mean it. I have to admit, at first, I thought you were just a pretty boy who was in the studio messing around and you got lucky. After listening to The Progression 2: A Texas Playa, it’s apparent that you are talented. Right now, my favorite track by you in “Knowmtalmbout.”

Oh yeah, you like “Knowmtalmbout?”

Yeah, that goes hard.

I appreciate it. Man, you might as well be from H-Town.

I like Texas.

Come down here and be an honorary member of the H-Town.

There’s something about Texas, definitely. Did DJ Michael “5000” Watts produce that track?

Actually, that’s an old UGK song. We just took the hook. Me and Paul [Wall] just “screwed” it up, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout?

Who Screwed it for?

My n****, DJ Yung Chill did that.

May I ask you a personal question? When you wrote “Play Me”, did you have a certain person in mind?

I ain’t gonna lie, I didn’t premeditate that one. When the beat came on, that was just came on and that was the first thing I said, “Why the f*** you tryin’ to play me?” I was just talking about a lot of sh** that was going on. I felt like people were trying to play me. Actually, all that sh** was true. Even when I was at the strip clubs, I’d get into it with a n****s that would bump into me and sh**. All that sh** was true. I was just talking about stuff that already happened. That’s just pretty much me writing it down in a gangsta way.

Do you sip syrup, or do you do any real drugs?

Do I do any real drugs? (laughs) You think if I did drugs I would tell you?

All you can do is ask, either you’ll answer or you won’t.

[sarcastically states] Yeah, I take a line before every show. I take a line before a show; do you think I’d tell you that? I mean, I don’t take no lines, that would be crazy.

So, you’re not going to answer my question?

I do sip drank. I don’t do anything else.

Nothing harder, like shooting up or anything else?

Hell nah, I ain’t crazy!

(laughs) As an entertainer, how much personal and social responsibility do you take for your lyrics?

I take all the responsibility for anything that I say. If I say it, then that’s how I feel. So, I don’t think it’s going to change.

Currently, what projects are you working on?

I’m working on another mixtape and my album. I don’t have a name or a date for the album yet, but it’s a priority though. Right now, I don’t have a release date for the tape. I really haven’t started working on it yet, but I know I’m about to start. I have the Procrastination Kills series, so I might come back down and do the Procrastination Kills 4. I don’t know yet, but more than likely.

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