If you’re in your late-20s and up, its likely, you collected sports trading cards as a youth. And, if you were into hip-hop, you always dreamed that someone would drop cards featuring some of your favorite rappers. While there’s been a few companies to do it in the past, a company called Platinum League has recently launched their own set of hip-hop trading cards, dubbed the “world’s first interactive hip-hop trading cards.”

The Platinum League Trading Card Series, the inaugural product of Texas-based Green Media, will feature one-of-a-kind photos of today’s hip-hop artists, their individual background information, and career highlights.

Each card also comes with a QRL code that links to exclusive video content from each artist, accessible from any smart phone or mobile device (thanks to their free app “The League Media Player”).

Recently featured in Billboard Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter, each pack of trading cards will come with five artist cards and a “6th Card” that gives consumers an access code to log-on to a mobile website, claim instant prizes and enter a sweepstakes where prizes range from new cars to Rolex watches, cash to apparel, ringtones to screensavers to backstage passes, and more.

With a winner in every pack, the company projects it will give away approximately $3 million prizes every three months.

In an effort to promote the new series, The Platinum League has launched a major multi-media campaign featuring campaigns in both print and online outlets, as well as advertising in movie theatres, outdoor billboards and television spots. The TV spot, which features Mindless Behavior and Snoop Dogg’s daughter Cori B, has already started airing nationwide.

While on set, Mindless Behavior member Roc Royal said, “This is really cool, bringing some of the old-school factor back in terms of fans collecting and trading cards.”

The Platinum League Trading Card Series are available now in more than 20,000 retail stores nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Hot Topic, and Toys R Us.

For more info, and a complete list of artists featured on cards, visit PlatinumLeague.com.