Brandon Kennings new Roscoe's tattoo

Brandon Kennings new Roscoe's tattoo

Tattoos among NBA players is pretty common these days. However, like some rappers, some ballers get some questionable ink.

The Milwaukee Bucks’ Brandon Jennings is the latest celebrity to get a crazy tattoo. The point guard recently posted a photo of his latest art work on Instagram, showing his love for one of his favorite Los Angeles eateries: Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.

The Compton, California native obviously loves the long-running Los Angeles restaurant chain so much, he inked their logo on his left forearm … a cartoon-looking chicken with a waffle in the background.

While we love Roscoe’s as much as anyone else, getting a tattoo to represent it seems a little much. But, who are we to judge.

Jennings followed with yet another photo in support of the restaurant chain over the weekend, showing off his special Roscoe’s basketball shoes (see it here)

What do you think? Dope! Or, a major fail?