Lil Wayne Discusses Trukit Origins & Inspirations In CCS Coverstory

Lil Wayne for CCS

Lil Wayne for CCSSkateboarding magazine, CCS, unveiled footage from their shoot with Lil Wayne and four other major skate pros for their latest issue, and now, the company drops the full Q&A of their feature story online.

In the cover story for their new issue, the hip-hop star talks about his new skate-inspired apparel brand Trukfit, discussing the name, it’s origins, and its future. Also, Weezy discusses his love for skateboarding growing up, what tricks he’s recently learned, and his favorite skate brands.

Below are some excerpts about Trukfit, but to ready the interview in its entirety, visit

What’s the story with your new apparel brand? Where did the name Trukfit come from?

The name comes from back when I was younger in my city of New Orleans. There was all these new clothes that would come out from Polo, Tommy Hill, Jordan and whatever, but the prices were a little too steep for our liking. There were these guys that would go around and steal these brands and they had guys in all the neighborhoods that would come around in a truck and sell them for cheaper.

Was that back in the Magnolia Projects in New Orleans?

I’m not from Magnolia. I’m from Hollygrove [Projects], but yea, it was like that. If you were known to be wearing one of those outfits bought off the truck it was called a Trukfit. It wasn’t good to be wearing a Trukfit because obviously you got the same thing everyone else has on, but you didn’t pay the same thing. It was like wearing a knockoff that wasn’t a knockoff. So I took it back to my roots and called the brand Trukfit.

What’s the inspiration and the culture behind Trukfit?

Trukfit means gear for whatever — ready for whatever, prepared for whatever. You got your money, you got your girls, you got your homies — you’re Trukfit, you’re ready. The culture is rebellious. It’s not rebellious against anything positive to be negative, it’s just rebellious against the things in life that get us pissed off and rebellious against all the things that get us negative. Misfits, skate of mind, skate or die, simple and plain — f*** your style. That’s my motto. F*** your style. Don’t worry about what the other man do on his deck, you get on your deck and you do what the hell you can do and you love it and you do it to the best of your abilities and at the end of that trick you take a look at yourself and you tell that dude around you or to the side of you and you tell the world, “F*** your style”, Trukfit.

Are you going to put together a Trukfit skate team? Can we expect to see some pros put on in the future?

I want to put on people who want to be a part of it. I want it to be more than a business relationship. I want it to be a friendship. We can do so much to help the skate community and my team can help with stuff in my rap world. Of course I’m going to put people on, but it’s going to be the right people.

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