Gourmet Footwear Unveils Jay-Z 22 L ‘Brooklyn Nets’ Edition Sneaker

By Jay Casteel (@JayCasteel)  |  05/01/2012

Gourmet Footwear x Jay-Z x Brooklyn Nets

In support of the Nets "Hello Brooklyn" campaign, in which the team will move from New Jersey to NY for the NBA's next season, Los Angeles-based Gourmet Footwear has unveiled a special sneaker celebrating the occasion.

Like the color change in the Nets' logo, to black and white, the brand offers the same colorway for the "Brooklyn Nets" edition of their 22 L silhouette.

The high-top sneaker features the new Nets logo on the tongue of the shoe, with specialized Goyard fabric on the heel along with Jay-Z's name embroidered into it. Tonal laces are added with a small "Gourmet" label just above the white soles.

A release date and further details about the special sneaker was unknown at press time. Hypebeast.com speculates that the "Brooklyn Nets" model will be "a one-off edition."