DJ Khaled’s Tour Bus Explodes, Misses Orlando Concert

By Allen Starbury  |  04/30/2012

DJ Khaled's tour bus explodesMiami-bred YMCMB mouthpiece, DJ Khaled, was forced to cancel a concert in Orlando, Florida on Friday (April 27) ... after his tour bus blew up!

Yep, you read right, his tour bus exploded. It's unclear how it happened, but apparently, while on route to the 2012 Grad Bash on Friday, the bus caught fire and ultimately exploded on the side of the highway.

Khaled later apologized to fans for missing the show, via Twitter, explaining what happened and tweeted a photo of the bus on fire.

"I'm sry I couldn't make it 2 grad bash it was out my control my tour bus caught on fire & blew up!" he wrote (@DJKhaled). "The gd thing me & my team is ok!"

According to, Khaled owned the tour bus, purchasing it in late 2010, because he was tired of paying to rent buses on a regular basis.

"I was sick of renting tour buses, because that sh** is expensive," he said in a 2010 interview. "What I did was bought me a new tour bus. We going to be on the road a lot, we going to be in them clubs a lot and we going to be in them stadiums a lot. We're going to be everywhere. This is the way we got to travel, so I wanted to do it right."

No one was injured in the explosion, said reports.