J. Dilla’s Personal Vinyl Stash Found, Currently For Sale At Detroit Record Store

J. Dilla

J. DillaAfter finding more than 8,000 records and some vintage beat tapes in an abandoned storage unit, the owner of UHF Records reportedly uncovered the personal record collection of late hip-hop producer and icon J. Dilla … and has put the vinyl up for sale.

Dilla (p/k/a Jay Dee) was a renowned record collector, using various samples in his decade-plus career with Slum Village, Jaylib and others. Now, a fan and/or collector has the chance to get their hands on the bulk of his personal collection.

According to the Detroit Daily News, Jeff Bubeck (owner of Detroit-based record store UHF) is selling the records in his store, after finding them in an abandoned storage unit. Upon sifting through the unit, he was surprised about what he found.

“It was pretty shocking,” Bubeck told the paper. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?'”

He said that he when first digging through the crates, he oticed a box of cassette tapes, labeled in black marker as “Jaydee Beats.” There were also lyric booklets, along with magazines and pieces of junk mail addressed to James Yancey, as well as to his parents, Beverly and Maureen Yancey. At the time, he  names didn’t ring a bell with Bubeck, but when he got home and conducted a simple Google search, he was floored.

“Is it even possible?” Bubeck asked himself.

Now, part of the collection is for sale at his Detroit record store. Each Dilla-owned vinyl is marked with yellow tags that identify them as part of the producer’s personal stash. As far as the beat tapes and lyric books, it’s unclear if those hip-hop artifacts are also for sale.

Bubeck claims to have been in contact with Stones Throw Records, where Dilla released albums before his 2006 death from Lupus complications. And, says he’s attempted to contact the J Dilla Foundation to share in the proceeds of the record sales, but says they’ve been unresponsive.

The store has part of the collection on sale now, following Saturday’s Record Store Day retail holiday.

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