Kottonmouth Kings: Hold It In (Official 4/20 Music Video)

It’s Friday, and aside from it being the start to a much needed weekend, it’s also April 20, aka 4/20, aka the unofficial Stoner’s Holiday. In honor of the special occasion, we present you with a brand new video from one long-time weed representers, the Kottonmouth Kings.

The seven-man rap/rock outfit from Orange County, California unleash the official video for their new marijuana anthem “Hold It In,” the first single off her upcoming LP, titled Mile High.

In the clip, the Kottonmouth boys post up in an alley, and roam around a smoked out crib, as they spit bars about loving to inhale and hold in all that kush smoke. With boxes of pizzas and munchies on deck, the Kottonmouth Kings are all set for 4/20. Are you?

Mile High is slated to drop this summer, via the group’s Suburban Noize Records.

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