A Look At The Adastra Super Yacht (Photos)

When you’re one of the world’s elite, you can afford to spend hundreds of millions on toys for yourself and your family. One toy of the ultra-rich are yachts, some even going into the “super yacht” category because a regular yacht is just not enough.

Here’s a look at a new space-aged styled super yacht, designed by longtime sailor and yacht designer John Shuttleworth, posted over at Yahoo’s Y! Tech blog.

Dubbed the Adastra, it has a unique triple hull design, making it look more like a futuristic spacecraft rather than boat. It also features a luxurious interior, complete with dinning area, fancy sleeping quarters, and even a bathroom and shower.

The Adastra boasts a master cabin as well as two guest cabins that will comfortably house a total of nine guests, crew quarters for up to six, and a plethora of deck space for taking in the sights.

Everything was designed to make it light as possible, but also pleasing to the eye. Five years in the making, the ship’s hardwood cabinetry was crafted with fine, light-weight oak with honeycomb pockets, while important hardware like the hatch and ladders are made of ultra-strong carbon fiber which are just a fraction of the weight of steel components.

The ship has a top speed of around 22 knots, and a 1,150hp Caterpillar engine, which allows it to travel 4,000 miles in a single trip.

If you got the finances, this may be a boat you might want to purchase, but the Adastra is already spoken for, said reports.

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