Prodigy Addresses Mobb Deep Break-Up & Rihanna Rumors (Video)

By BallerStatus Staff  |  04/17/2012

The Mobb Deep hoopla was finally put to bed last Friday evening (April 13) when members Prodigy and Havoc were spotted sitting courtside, together, at Madison Square Garden for the Knicks' game. After a photo was snapped, it ended any lingering notion that the two were beefing behind the scenes, but smiling for the cameras.

Hav has consistently denied any bad blood between the duo, but P had yet to speak out about the situation ... until now. This week, Prodigy's stopped by Hot 97's Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Morning Show to address the entire situation, staying consistent with Havoc's story that his phone was lost ... and the alleged tweets against his partner were not from him.

"Yea, that wasn't Hav," P said over the airwaves.

"Me and Hav have a lot of fights and arguments. And, when we fight, we'll laugh about it and tell people on the radio, interviews, all that ... like 'Yea, we fight,' " the rapper continued. "It's nothing to be ashamed of or try to hide, especially with me and Hav. Our whole thing with Mobb Deep is to try to make ourselves one of the longest-running hip-hop groups that there is. We know that, that's our goal. We said this to ourselves a long time ago. When little arguments, whatever, pop up, it's nothing for us to hide or try to hide it from the media. It's just funny to us."

As far as a rumored relationship with Rihanna, Prodigy said that's untrue, adding that he's has never met the R&B superstar in real life. He also said the whole controversy was no publicity stunt, but admitted that he and Hav stayed quiet purposely to milk the press.

So, there you have it, no Mobb Deep beef. They are still in full effect.