Album Sales Hit Lowest Number In 21st Century

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misc - album salesMusic sales have been declining for years. However, sales numbers0 hit a record low recently, plummeted to the lowest number in 12 years.

According to Music Week, overall LP figures over the last week were 27.62% down with week-on-week sales, totaling just over 1.44 million.

Compared to figures of 1,882,878 for the same week last year, that’s a drop of 23.19%. Overall, last week’s numbers are lower than any of the 640 previous weeks that have elapsed since the year 2000.

This comes despite Adele’s 21 hitting #1 for 22nd week, giving her a 23 career weeks at the top slot, overtaking a record jointly-held by David Bowie and Dire Straits.

The British songbird has one week that 19 spent at #1, plus 22 weeks for her 21 album.

However, sales for 21 this week were just 22,235, and still manages to reach #1, the lowest for a chart-topping album for 11 weeks.

Despite the fall and a drop of 5.40% for week-on-week sales for singles over the last week, sales of singles have actually increased overall, with figures up by 11.89% compared with this time last year.

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