Model Jenna Shea Puts Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana On Blast

Video vixen/escort Jenna Shea appeared on Rude Jude’s Shade 45 recently, during which she aired out various rappers about everything from their penis sizes to their fetishes, as well as paying her for sex.

During the revealing interview, Shea named Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Lil Wayne, Rob Kardashian, and Yung Berg, among others as former lovers.

She puts Lil Wayne on blast, saying he as a “pencil d***”, but admits to continuing a sexual relationship with him for around six months; revealed that Juelz tossed her salad … and focused on it too much; and said sleeping with Rob Kardashian was “wack.”

Why did Jenna put it out there? She says because Lil Wayne didn’t pay her. “I don’t f*ck anybody for free anymore,” the model/escort said.

Later, Jenna says Fabolous’ penis is too big, and said overall, the rapper her sexed her the best was Yung Berg. And, let it be known that she wants Machine Gun Kelly next.

Pornstar Kelly Divine was also a guest, and while she admitted to sleeping with a few rappers and athletes, she kept it discreet.

  1. Wtf ronqq whidd dese hoes talm booud lil wayne like that ,, if any thinqq yal made yall self look like hoes talm boud fuckinqq all these niqqas ndd shidd … wtf .. this aint ass classy as yall thank ihd iss .. wtf ronqq whidd yall dumb hoe’ss ?? @Juicey_me94 If There Are Any Problems … t’f wronqq wit yall HOES .. nd he aint have too pay you .. thats ah hoee if you sellinq ya pussy nasty trickss .. sit ya ass on the coner some wea #LoosePussyAssLilGirls #MadLilWayneFan

  2. These Chicks are working the $Game$ & getting it. & I’m sure they can take a good F*€K & ofcorse D!k but man they sure as hell aint pretty.

  3. the dick wasnt “wack” when it was in ya mouth and hind parts..
    and “six months” is waaay too long..
    YOU MAD!!!

  4. Something must be really wrong with this woman…………………Seriously!!!!!!! 
    Wayne may have a pencil d*** but he sure must know how to use it since you kept going back again and again and again and again…………for 6 months!!! Acting like you didn’t enjoy it…silly ho!!

  5. Real shit shit a new Katy stacks ripe of person fuck outs here (FOE)

  6. She is a hoe.  That’s the point.  He knew that going in and didn’t pay her to keep her mouth shut, so he opened himself up to this kind of exposure.

  7. Look Jena,

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  8. hahah ya hatin like she’s talkin bout yo own dick hahaha…. Suckas lil wayne got a lil dick just face it

  9. I’m mad she ded played my husband Juelz, I know he Dominican but I doubt he ate her butt, especially a ho like her come on Juelz. He’d have to be real dumb to do that and I doubt she was running when he tried to kiss her bytch probably tried to kiss him first

  10. This is just plain pathetic. Is our sense of shame completely gone that we have no problems advertising that we don’t “Fuck anybody for free” anymore? We have preteens and teens that idolize someone like L’il Wayne, and this his how we act. Screw this, I’m getting the hell out of this country and sailing the Pearl to Tortuga.

  11. Bitch, you can talk all the shit you want after, but I know for a fact, you cant unfuck and unsuck all those dicks. Fuckin sluts

  12. Gross, seriously just gross. I’m sure she’s chocked full of various diseases…

  13. jesus the sad situation weve found ourself in. listenin to 2 whooures and some jigeerboo shoot the wind about crazy garbage with the confidence that they was nostradomus. wits these people think they have fuckin dreadful slobs. i was like omg his dick was huge. i sucked it and got paid 20k wow im pretty cool. youve done nothing u bitch youre not what youre in ur head. ur a joke. white girl mob nyehhhh..liek wtf is this shit

  14. Evey hoe knows cash first pussy later…..sounds like someone mad..he he he!!!!

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  17. I look better than Jenna Shea. My booty looks similar ……36G bra…..small waist …..pretty face…..straight teeth …..not hating ….just sharing….tons of pics if anyone is interested….you tell me…..I could be wrong (:

  18. This bitch is getting it in with these desperate fools with money. If idiots wanna pay to play, that’s solicitation. I just pray she doesn’t decide to have kids. After they discover all the facts about their mother, they might commit suicide..

  19. thessee hoes aint loyal … thats whats wrong with these hoes …. they just aint loyal

  20. Juicyme_94 classy right. Lls. Please get classy on your spelling boo.

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