Instagram Announces Launch Of Android App

Following news that it reached 27 million registered users last month, photo-sharing app Instagram announced Tuesday (April 3) the launch of their app for Android-based devices.

“We’ve already seen more than 30 million people join Instagram to create and share beautiful photos on their iOS devices, and now we’re thrilled to offer a way for Android users to join their iOS friends on Instagram to share their photos with the world,” the company said in a blog posting.

According to the announcement on its website, the company worked to make the newly launched “Instagram for Android” app the best possible experience.

They call it the “big step forward for the [Instagram community] as a whole”.

When initially launching the app, the creators said that “tried to imagine what the world would be like if every single person on earth could share the world around them through the lens on their phones”.

Now, with Android being included — it was previously available only to iOS users — they are closer to making their vision a reality.

From the looks of the app, it’s much similar to the iPhone/iPad app. For more info, visit

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