Mr. Porter Leaves D12, Shifts Focus To Solo Debut

Mr. Porter

Mr. PorterOn the heels of member Bizarre’s departure in February, D12’s Kon Artist (better known as Mr. Porter or Denaun) has announced that he has also left the group, leaving fans wondering why.

In a series of tweets on Saturday (March 24), the rapper/producer revealed the news to fans, while announcing his upcoming solo debut, titled The Memo.

“I love every moment I have shared on this planet and with the people I shared it with I will always love the legacy I was apart off #D12,” Porter wrote (@MrPorter2012). “So for my fans, keep following and you will hear all the truth from me. No one on this earth speaks for Denaun. Period, but God! I got nothing but love for my crew I am growing and excelling as u should as a artist i hope you all support that!

“I want nothing but the best for @McVayD12 @kuniva and @Bizarresworld what proof created was beautiful and we had a great ride! Love N light. With that being said #TheMemo2012,” he continued.

As his followers began to speculate about Mr. Porter’s decision, he later tweeted to further explain that he hold no animosity towards anyone in the group, but instead, felt it was just time to move on and focus on other projects.

“The days are forever changing? Please let this not be a dark moment because I ain’t angry or bitter I love D12 and the fans,” the rapper explained. “I am happy and things aren’t that serious, no loyalty has been compromised or friendships, this just me being a grown man.

“I am happy that I’m alive and able to continue what I was taught and share my creativity with yall!”

Bizarre announced his decision to leave the group in a February interview with HipHopDX, citing “creative differences” as the culprit. He too had no harsh words for his D12 brothers, echoing Porter’s statements that it was just time to move on and grow.

“We just had creative differences and decided to go our separate ways — well, I decided to go my separate way,” Bizarre said. “It’s a personal decision on my part. I think I’ve just grown as an artist and it’s time for me to branch off on my brand.”

At press time, details about Mr. Porter’s solo debut, The Memo, were unknown. However, it is expected sometime this year.

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