A$AP Rocky Discusses Producing His First Beat & Making More (Video)

Following a hectic schedule in Texas for the 2012 SXSW Festival, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky hopped on a plane for a sold out show in London this week. And while overseas, he sat down with Soul Culture to talk about music, where he reveals that he has produced his first track ever, which will appear on his debut solo album, LongLiveA$AP, even though he wanted it to be a secret.

“I produced my first track. Me, my boy Hector, and Curtis Williams, we produced a track and it’s called ‘Suddenly’ …” A$AP revealed.

In the clip above, he breaks down how the beat came together, and how making that first beat gave him a bug. He now wants to produce even more, but isn’t getting ahead of himself. So, other artists, A$AP is not making beats for anyone just yet.

At press time, LongLiveA$AP has no release date.

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