Topless Photo Of Jacki-O Leaks To The Net?

By Staff  |  03/20/2012


Sex tapes and nude photo leaks have become almost a regular occurrence among celebrities these days. You're hearing about them more and more as of late, and if a celebrity every took part in either, it seems that it's only a matter of time before they hit the Internet for all to see.

The latest victim is Miami-bred female rapper Jacki-O.

A series of photos were sent to popular urban tube site on Monday (March 19), one showing a topless photo claiming to be the rapper.

There's four photos in all. One is taken in the mirror by Jacki herself and two others by an unknown party, all three fully-clothed seemingly taken during a gym workout via a mobile photo. The final pic is an up-close topless photo claiming to be the rapper.

Obviously nothing has been confirmed, but the photo seems pretty legit.

Details about who sent the photos and when they were taken were unknown at press time.

Jacki-O seemed to respond to the photo leak late Monday via Twitter (@JACKIOWORLD), writing: "Never let rumors or lies knock me off my grind.. im off to the gym!"

Later she added: "Titties? Are u sure? They do look familiar.. #team NO OBSTACLES! :-)"

See the NSFW photos for yourself, over at