Hopsin Explains Rumored Strange Music Deal, Talks Possible Tour With Tech N9ne?


HopsinRising Los Angeles rapper Hopsin is coming off a huge 2011, set off by a feature on Tech N9ne’s All 6’s and 7’s album — on a track called “Am I A Psycho?” While the guest appearance introduced him to new fans, it also spawned rumors of a deal with the indie rap giant’s label, Strange Music.

We came across a few rumors regarding the deal, one being there wasn’t a deal on the table at all, and that Tech actually passed on signing the recently inducted 2012 XXL Freshman.

Hopsin addressed the rumor in a recent interview with us, clarifying that Tech did, in fact, offer a deal, but he declined, choosing to follow his own destiny.

“The way people put it online, it’s not how it comes off,” the rapper tells BallerStatus.com. “Me and Tech N9ne are cool, so the deal was on the table, you know? We met up a few times and all that, but just for what I’m trying to do with my carer and life in general, I just kinda wanna build my own path, build my own road and go that way.

“He didn’t turn me down, like ‘We don’t want you’, and I didn’t turn him down, like ‘I don’t wanna f*** with you guys.’ It was just more of I just feel more comfortable doing it this way. I like challenges as well. I like starting from scratch and seeing how far I can really go,” He continued.

Following in Tech’s footsteps, Hopsin is determined to build an empire with his ownย  Funk Volume label, and so far, it’s going good. In 2011, he headlined his own tour, and built a buzz off the strength of his own independently released music and sweat equity. It’s culminated in a huge buzz, and he’s seizing the moment.

After months of promising fans a new single off his upcoming Knock Madness, his first new LP since 2010’s Raw, Hopsin unleashed the long awaited single “Hop Madness,” and its accompanying music video last Thursday (March 15). It’s since garnered over 370,000 views on Youtube.

However, at press time, there was no release date for the forthcoming album. Hopsin did tell us that Knock Madness would drop this year, and he would hit the road for a supporting tour.

With his connection with Tech intact, we also asked if the pair had any plans to tour together. While Hop said they’ve quickly discussed the idea, nothing has materialized … yet. However, if something does come together, he admits he can’t keep up with Tech’s rigorous touring schedule.

“We had a small little conversation about it,” Hopsin explained. “Last summer, it was just real quick. It might happen … I’m sure, it’s bound to happen.

“I know him and Machine Gun Kelly got a huge tour coming up … I don’t know about those type of tours. I’ll die,” he continued. “I’m definitely one of those guys when I’m on tour, I start getting crazy. Day one, I’m cool. Day 10, I’m saying sh** that’s just disrespectful. Day 20, I just don’t give a f***. Day 21, nobody knows where the f*** I’m at. My phone is off, I’m just gone, period. I don’t know if I can do that many shows.”

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