Pitbull Tells Journey To The Top On VH1 ‘Behind The Music’ (Video)

Miami’s Pitbull is one of the hottest Latino artists on the planet today, but before the fame, he had to travel a long road. Now, he tells his story in a recently aired episode of VH1’s “Behind The Music.”

Here’s a summary of Pitbull’s episode (via VH1.com):

It’s only through struggle that resilience arises and for Armando Christian Perez, better known to the world as Pitbull, the past ten years have seen the charismatic Cuban-American rapper evolve from an embattled upstart to become one of the most entertaining acts in all of pop music. Growing up in the gang-infested neighborhoods of Miami, Florida, Pitbull saw hip hop as a way out of the streets and into a better life. With his lighter complexion and “Spanglish” rhymes, he made an unlikely battle rapper, but his quick tongue and talent for wordplay earned him his first record contract at 20 years old. He spent the next several years honing his craft and transforming himself into an international superstar whose rapid-fire rhymes, billion-dollar beats and infectious hooks continue to take the world by storm. By the time his sixth studio album Planet Pit was released this past year, Pitbull had transformed into a platinum-selling global sensation, whose knockout smash of the summer “Give Me Everything” climbed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and Pop charts and was also a top ten hit in 15 countries. In this installment of “Behind the Music,” Pitbull opens up about his family struggles and how reconnecting with his dad as an adult filled a void in his life. With interviews with Lil’ Jon, rap legend Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew, and hip hop mogul Irv Gotti, along with Pitbull’s family and inner circle, “Behind the Music” follows Pitbull’s extraordinary journey from the negative to the positive, topping charts and touching lives all around the world.

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  1. pitbull is a real muthafucka frm the same struggle im goin through and most other latinos n afro americans face. He speaks from the heart and this shit showed how human he is and u cant do anything but respect this man. I tip my brim to him. FREE BOOSIE BOO

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