Flavor Flav Launches Chicken Restaurant In Las Vegas, Taking FCC Chain To Detroit

Flavor Flav

Flavor FlavDespite a failed attempt in Iowa last year, rapper/reality TV star Flavor Flav is set to open a new fried chicken/soul food restaurant in Las Vegas this week.

Dubbed “Flavor Flav’s House Of Chicken,” the rapper will host an opening ceremony at the downtown Las Vegas location on Thursday evening (March 15), a night before his 53rd birthday.

“Everybody loves chicken. I figure if Colonel Sanders can make money off his chicken, then Flavor Flav can make money off of his,” Flav told Forbes.com of the venture. “Plus, I have a household name and I thought I should capitalize off of it right now. And if you come by the Vegas joint, there will be times when I will be cooking and serving my customers.

“Flavor Flav will definitely be in the house.”

According to Flav, his chicken will be much more flavorful than those from chains like Popeye’s or KFC.Β  He says the secret’s in the recipe.

“[KFC and Popeye’s] secret is within the breading, but when you take the breading off the chicken, it just tastes like boiled meat,” Flav explained. “Now, with my secret recipe, I season the chicken first and then I use unflavored flour to bake it. I let the seasoned chicken season for awhile. So when you bite the chicken it’s like a double whammy, taste explosion.”

The Vegas venture is a take-out restaurant, and Sin City will be it’s sole location. However, Flav is also launching a chicken restaurant chain called FFC (Flavor Flav’s Chicken) with the first location opening in Detroit next month, followed by additional locations around the country.

He initially launched the chain in Clinton, Iowa with another partner, but it was short-lived and has since closed.

“Iowa was inconsistent,” Flav told Forbes of the failed venture. “When people order food, they want the right order. The chicken needs to be a golden brown color. This wasn’t happening in Iowa, and lots of people complained. Then I started getting bad press, so I had to go and shut it down. Now, FFC will now be run right. You got to do it right from the start.”

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