Film Trailers: Magic Johnson, ‘The Announcement’ (Documentary)

Over 20 years ago, Earvin “Magic” Johnson shocked the world when he announced that he was HIV positive. It made the world re-think what they knew about the disease.

Marking the historic moment in history, ESPN Films dropped a documentary on Sunday (March 11), titled “The Announcement”, which gets in-depth with Johnson about his personal journey regarding his announcement, and follows in the¬† days, weeks, months, and years after — including his MVP performance in the 1992 NBA All-Star Game, his participation on the original Olympic “Dream Team” later that year, an NBA comeback in 1996, and of course, his success after the NBA.

“I was a guy that could shoulder HIV and AIDS,” Johnson said. “A lot of guys couldn’t have gone public, and then get involved in the HIV and AIDS fight the way that I have.”

20 years later, he’s continues to thrive.

“The Announcement”¬†premiered on Sunday on ESPN, but will be re-broadcast over the coming weeks. Visit for the full schedule.

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