Ice Cube Discusses Chris Tucker Reprising ‘Smokey’ Role In New ‘Friday’ Movie

Ice Cube and Chris Tucker in Friday

Ice Cube and Chris Tucker in FridayIce Cube revealed plans for a new movie in his “Friday” film franchise last year, and has just recently discussed the film even further, confirming rumors that he is, in fact, hoping to bring Chris Tucker back to reprise his role as “Smokey.”

In an interview with Sway Calloway’s SiriusXM show, Sway In The Morning, Cube confirmed that a new “Friday” is in the works… but says it’s still in the beginning stages.

“We was waiting on New Line to cut a check. They did that, and now, I’m writing the next ‘Friday’ movie,” he told Sway. “To me, it’s really about not asking Chris [Tucker] over and over again. It’s about putting the script in his hand and getting the ball rollin’ for real. He’s not gonna say yes until he see the script and like what he’s doing in the new movie. That, to me, is the next step.”

When asked about Tucker’s life changes, becoming a born-again Christian, Cube made it clear that he wouldn’t change the direction of the film … for anybody. But, hopes Tucker would consider coming aboard and it trying to make it happen.

“I’m not gonna bend the movie out of wack… for anybody,” the rapper explained. “‘Friday’ movies are loved by a whole lot of people. My thing is to stay true to the movie. If [Chris] wants to be a part of it, we got open arms for him. If not, we still gonna be funny.

“I love Chris, I want him to do the movie. I think his fans want it. Ultimately, that’s what we in the business for: to please our fans and the people who’ve supported us all these years — to give them what they want, not just give them what we want to give them.”

Also during interview, Cube also confirmed rumors of a biopic on pioneering gangsta rap group, N.W.A., admitting that the project is actually farther along than a new “Friday.”

According to Cube, the script to the film was completed with input from all living members, and the next step is to find a director.

As far as rumors that Lil Eazy-E and his sons being the film, Cube says nothing’s confirmed, but if they want the part, they’ll have to earn it just like any other actor — through an audition.

  1. Cube u got to let me u help u write the scrip. U got to bring it back to the Hood. U need to bring the original character all together but at the same time keep it positive i bet chris be down with it. He can be a dude who come back saved from rehab. Now is trying to reach the hood but with comedy in it.

  2. Im a fan but Chris Tucker shouldn’t compromise his relationship with God to please man

  3. Would someone educate me on where in the Bible smokin weed is bad please. Remember Jesus died for all of our sins not just a few.

  4. Chris tucker plz come back for last friday n give us ur fans a great ending to the friday franchise love u both(ice cube).

  5. I hope they make one with Chris Tucker as smokey because the 1st one with Chris in it was funny as fuck

  6. I just want it to be funny with all the old and new do it big like you always do


  8. Can’t wait for the Friday movie I actually know all of the first Friday movie

  9. They need to have smokey and day day cause I know together they gone be so funny

  10. The thing is this my young brother wrong or not Chris made a choice and he doesn’t want to do it so thats where the respect should come in..

  11. Dear: Ice cube

    I hope you get a chance to read this, if not then I understand you are a busy man. Chris tucker coming back love it, I only hope he loves coming back too. What I really wanted to say is, the funniest thing for a weed addict to be leaving a rehab, is saying fuck you and your weed quitting ass to the one running the place, also saying I’ll see you on 36th and 4th street looking for me and I wont sell you a damn thing in fact I’ll rob your stupid ass for them broke in loafers just in spite of your hypocritical w.a. meetings [ instead of a.a. it’s w.a. ] also you smoke just as much as old larry huddled over there huffing paint larry that paint’s been dry for 36 years you ain’t even getting shit off that or els i’d be in that corner with you. Anyways I’m sorry for wasting your time if you read this I at least hope you get something out of this

    From a long time loving fan: Alvaro Herrera IV

  12. Smokey made Friday … He is like lakers to LA …. Tree to the blunt or jorden to the bulls !!!!

  13. Mike epps and chris tucker is going to be to funny together friday always been like a family movie so it would be cool adding chris tucker as smokey to the mix once again also mike epps (day day)

  14. Come on chris you need to stop Bull Sh!ttin’ and you know this man!. you already in debt nigga you need this money home boi! yo religious views aint got nun to do with this movie and money Potna! much love from Houston Texas!

  15. OMG it’s a movie, which is not real, so why would any of this involved breaking the rules of God’s religion or whatever. It’s not like he’s gonna be cussing everyones arses out in reality and smoking real pot and etc. It’s just a film.

  16. Did you really ask that question? Your body is a temple and belongs to Go. If anyone does anything to harm it, they have to give account for that (1Cor. 3:17). Plus, cussong words are not of God.

  17. Everyone is freaking out about Chris Tucker. I think that fact that he’s so worried about his religion is b.s. to begin with. God gave us all the “seed-bearing plants and herbs to use.” What’s the problem? Done deal.

  18. Chris Tucker should be in this movie.When I saw Next Friday I was kinda mad it didn’t have Smokey

  19. It says in the bible thou shall stay sober and when you smoke weed you arent sober

  20. I say Chris should do it he can always redeem him self after the movie he belongs in it he helped make it what it was .

  21. come on mannnnnn!!! do the movie…..It is a job called acting not who you are in Christ (Yahweh) you are only responsible for you not others and others who want to blame what they see on tv for their actions. TV is for entertainment purposes only! So do what you do and come act lke Smokey! <3

  22. Its a film which mean everything in the movie is fictional, not real, God never said don’t smoke weed also, he said drink wine but get drunk. Not to mention Moses did speak to a burning Bush. But any way Chris Tucker do the for the fans n for yo pocket once u done repent.

  23. Hopefully they can come together,Tuck don’t you owe about 6 miillion on that house in the ATL!

  24. God says in his word be ye holy for I am holy and if u are born again then u have walked away from the ways of the world and have took on the things that please God

  25. Its people like u who make it hard for someone who wants to change make the right decision bcuz when u enjoy doing wrong ur blind to whats right

  26. Out of all the movies made the first one is my fav for the one reason is that smokey. chris did such a good job with him and have been wanting him to come back and do it again hope he does this time

  27. Wow! Everyone preaching and dont follow the word.1 if to be right by god you have to walk away from the ways of the world then you wouldnt be on the internet or going out to clubs.2 if smoking weed is hurting your body and your body is gods temple then stop eating foods that are bad for you like mcdonalds and dont act like you dont eat fast food or candy that would be lying and god dont like liers.

  28. He wasnt thinking bout god when he was picking up trannies in atl…and do you think he gave 10% of that big check he got from rush hour 3 as tides!? I doubt it. He will do it cause money talks and bs walks.

  29. Actually smoking weed or any mind altering drugs is witch craft and the bible speaks aganist it further more there are things that certain people dont do because they dont feel rivht about it, it might not be a sin but they dont do it because of their perso al walk with god and one last thing if what ur doing doesn’t glorifygod then as a believef in the word of god u shouldnt do it bottom line

  30. Its called acting. Everything he did in Movies weren’t real. If you have a wife and kissed someone or played any role that can have any derogatory role in a movie it is what it is, ACTING. He shot people when he was with Jackie Chan in Rush Hour. He’s not a cop. Just play the role

  31. what do you do for a living I bet it aint church related if you watching FRIDAY. We all fall short from GOD but have GRACE and the blood of JESUS that saves us. WE ALL ARE SELL OUTS YOU WORK YOU GET PAID YOU ARE SELLING YOURSELF SO WE ALL ARE HOES.

  32. hopefully it will be better than next friday and friday after next those to movies are crap to FRIDAY mind that I did not cap lock the other 2 because they do not hold a BIC flame to my Blunt. With out Smokey you don’t have FRIDAY. So I hope it will be good. But because of the last 2 flops I will watch it at home or get a boot leg because I will not waiste $40 on this movie in the theater. I would rather buy a bag and watch THE 1st FRIDAY at home and enjoy myself.

  33. To Chris ” The LORD knows what I want ” now smoke this and watch someone get a brick threw a rear window lol

  34. Craig, damon, devo, $$ mike,. dayday and Smokey going back and forth at each other..doing the movie..i think im going to piss on myself from lmao.

  35. Genesis 1:11…. and god said let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, the fruit tree yeilding fruit whos seed is itself and upon the earth and it was so…

    How dare you try and tell me I can’t partake in what YOUR bible tells YOU god gave us.

  36. How many of you that commented have seen rain man?… Is it messed up that he played a ratard? Or Gilbert grape?… Fri hasn’t been the same w out chris and even though they have been alright… Not the same. If he wants to change his image an be born again, he should go buy all the copies of the first movie so no one can see because when he passes away this will be remembered as his best roll. If he adds to it then so be it. People would sell out shows to see it. Deniro wasnt condonig cocaine distribution or murder. He made a good movie w scareface and the godfater! That’s a fact jack! Stop w the b.s. and realize this is a huge mistake for him to pass on this. All the people that made dazed an confused wernt all stoners. Most of them dont remember the 70’s cuz they were to young. Chris… YOU BETTER DO THIS MOVIE DICK!!!!

  37. If he truly is a born again christian, he is not gonna play the role of smokey unless smokey himself is a changed character. He went to rehab according to Craig in the :next Friday” film. I’m sure Cube can make it funny without Chris, but it just wasn’t the same without Smokey

  38. Omq so excited for the new Friday movie !!! Me n my husband love all of them we can watch them all day ! I really hope Chris tucker comes back as smokey all the Friday movies are awsome but he made the first Friday super funny ! My bby qirl is only a year old n she cracks up to all the Friday movies ;)

  39. SO ur saying that because he is trying to be a new man that he should change his mind and go back to reprising his role from the first movie. If you do drugs or get drunk do you listen to people who tell you not to do that crap cuz it can fuck you up. If you answered no, then i dont seee how he should listen to any of us who feel he should be back for the film. Its his choice so respect his choice if you want people to respect your actions. Also him turning to christ isnt a bad thing for him and the world cuz we all need role models who have done wrong to please the world show that regardless of what has happened the past, you can always turn your future around by turning to christ. When you turn to him, and put all of your faith in him and the lord, all your sins will be forgiven through christ. So reespect the man for what he believes in. He doesnt owe us any favors. He lived his life and only want wat is best for his salvation.

  40. man it’s not about chris tucker or tha fans u pricks Jackie Chan told Chris Tucker if he does this movie he will never ever do another movie with Chris again!!! and he also promised his kids he wouldnt do this movie, point blank and period which is fuk’d up but Jackie Chan is well known for making movies n many more to come if Chris wants to continue making MORE money he’d stay away from this film. U wont miss em at all HELL they made 2 more Friday movies not even pertaining to “Smokey” and was good as hell i say fuk it and bring in Kevin Hart or somethin im pretty sure there are more actors out thur that could pull this off, not playing as smokey but some1 fresh and new but bak to tha old neighborhood.

  41. jackie chan won’t be making any more action movies so that can’t be valid. his last exciting movie is some chinese zodiac 2012 movie coming out late this year and then he’s done and retired.

    chris’ decision to come back to the Friday series in correct form is indeed his prerogative – but it has absolutely nothing to do with his relationship with jackie chan or the rush hour series.

    regardless – i need to voice how badly I WISH CHRIS TUCKER WOULD PLAY SMOKEY IN THIS NEW FRIDAY MOVIE.

  42. we need Chris Tucker in this movie!!! its because of him i enjoyed the very first Friday movie over all the rest.

  43. Him cursing is real..whether for a movie or as himself, he ultimately will have to considered his responsibility to God & fellow bothers & sisters in Christ, or his responsibility to his fans who are apart of his old life. We loved the cursing comedian Chris in Friday. But he’s not that Chris anymore and just because he’s acting a part he’s still held accountable for that part in the eyes of God. We all are!

  44. I. would love cris tucker to be in the new Friday I think it wil.funny with him kate williams and mike epps.

  45. he can do the movie as a recovered smokey seeing as smokey went to rehab and stuff !!

  46. Smokey smokey smokey come on Chris tucker u have to come back…you made the movie

  47. remember how in the sceond friday smokey went to rehab. i think to respect chris tucker and his belifs. they should make it where he found god in rehab. and comes out tryna preeach to craig and day will be good.

  48. Mike epps is not funny at all! They should put smokey in the movie he is hilarious

  49. I am 100% for smokin weed do it every day, but i says in the bible to obey the law of your land so if it is illegal and you do it it is a sin…….. idiot i dont even believe in god or read the bible and i know that.

  50. smoking weed does not harm your body dip-shits it is used as medication for a reason

  51. I would love to audition for a part in any movie that Ice Cube has written. I am an inspiring actor and I would be a GREAT asset to a film such as a biopic on pioneering gangsta rap group, N.W.A. you can email me @

  52. To be truthfully honest he needs to do the movie. Main reason it would help him with his financial situation with the I.R.S. you understand and think about how well it ‘s gonna do in the Box Office.

  53. Holding out on a great movie concept because he now worships an invisible sky daddy…what a shame.

  54. even if he was smokin real pot it wouldnt matter, “god” made it didnt he???

  55. To be honest Smokey should come back as a dude that got cleaned up in rehab.. using his real name.. it should be Craig and day day that get him back into that Smokey roll.. think about it.. it could work so many ways.. you could bring crackhead ezel back as someone that was in rehab wit Smokey.. Smokey could slowly cross back over into that roll… remember at the end of Friday.. you thought he quit but fooled ya.. well he could of quit for rehab.. but smokey gone be Smokey!! And you know this!!!

  56. I don’t see the that much of a difference between the roles of Smokey and James Carter. They both cursed, they both handled guns and they both handled marijuana. As a matter of fact Rush Hour was way more violent. Smokey was a funny guy of the street and James was a funny guy of the police department. I hope the reason he didn’t take the role of Smokey was because of his religion because if it it, hypocrisy is thy name.

  57. Whats with the preaching? Yor on a page that is about friday yet your preaching?

    Man stfu

    Bring smokey back

  58. man this movie need every1 in it from mike epps chris tucker deebo damon everybody even katt williams man i was sad iaint c smokey n the second one we need chris in this one

  59. chris tucker being in the movie would not comprise his relationship with god it just might be a blessing

  60. hahaha you’re such a fucking idiot it’s funny. First off a parent doesn’t use “U r” unless they’re either white trash or retarded. Second the irony of you calling someone ignorant, when you obviously don’t know how to put it in context.. The point im trying to conclude is.. You are the definition of dumb.

  61. I love friday movies and i can’t wait to see what they have in store for this friday i also think friday is kind of showing us african americans what kind of lifstylemis in the hood(ghetto)although it may not be what they went through this is happening through our communites so i can’t wait

  62. That is so rude u just made ur self sound ignorant this is what’s wrong with african americans we just want to put eachother down for what no reason so please babygirl before u post anything can u at least make it sound positive

  63. Wow u should not ever speak of god like that he was the one who put u on this earth and u don’t belive in him i feel sorry for ur kids

  64. i think that Chris Tucker is a really a historical and amuzing on Friday.Mike Epps is talented and makes the movie a real good suspension. So with these too comedians you want know whats coming next :)

  65. I would play the part as SMOKEY .. lol i look like chris tucker and i smoke weed and all my friends call me Smokey !

  66. OK, for all those out there that believe/pray in/to a “higher power” all your prayers and things among that nature that come true or don’t are not an act of that higher power it’s an act of the law of belief through your subconcious. And to try and get this page back on the subject of Chris Tucker, he should do Smokey because with the dynamic duo of Cube and Tucker make Friday the hiliarious MOVIE it is.


  68. All you fucks need to quit bible thumping.doesnt say shit in the .bible about weed always trying to throw your bible in someones face aint nobody got time for that oh and lay off the gays while your at it because if there was a god hed love ALL his children not just you you aint special got a proble lm email it to me

  69. It does not it says be of sober mind and what that means is to be able to think clearly I’ve been smoking for several years while high I can still make sober rational decisions this verse is speaking about having a mind set on your true identity in Christ not being in fear anxiety or intimidation but set on being clearly focused on your goal a sober mind is another way of saying focused . However genesis 2 : 29 says I have found all seed bearing plants good for food and I’ve pulled out my fair share of seeds so maybe you should eat it and not smoke it still get same effect . So the way I see it is God is perfect man is not man made whiskey God made pot

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