Max B Denied Appeal, Will Remain Incarcerated Until 2042

Max B

Max BHarlem rapper Max B has been going through the appeals process in his murder case that got him 75 years in 2009. However, the 33-year-old rapper’s appeal has been denied.

According to info obtained by, Max (real name: Charly Wingate) will not be eligible for parole and/or release until November 9, 2042.

Despite the denial, it’s likely he’ll appeal the decision again.

Back in April 2011, the rapper was confident that his appeal would be approved, and even said, during an interview, that he’d be home by the end of the year. Well, it looks like he spoke too soon.

“The appeal process is done, finally, it’s been done for about a month now,” Max said at the time. “So now what they do is, the prosecutor responds back and you get a letter. They tell you, you gotta wait eight to 10 months for a response from the appellate court.”

Max is currently behind bars, serving 75 years for murder, kidnapping and armed robbery charges, all of which stem from a 2006 robbery in New Jersey that left one man dead. While he was not present at the scene of the crimes, he was accused of masterminding the entire plot behind it.

Max’s ex-girlfriend, Gina Conway, testified that he orchestrated the robbery/murder, enlisting the help of his step-brother to help carry out the job.

Max B has been behind bars since 2009, when he was found guilty on nine out of 11 different counts he was tried for.

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  1. No offense… But ya’ll keep sayn free him .. But he comitted a crime yall… Nigga should of thought bout his actions before he decided to plan #jussayn

  2. you stupid ass niggas think every black man in prison doesnt deserve to be there. this nigga KILLED someone keep his dumbass in jail his music is trash anyway

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    he took lives and lucky he aint bout ta fry..
    if that was me or you we’d be on death row
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    nigga do the crime
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  6. All y’all mutha fuckers hating can SUCK DICK, shouldn’t wish jail on your worse enemy

  7. max just had the wrong  dude in the in plot dude was too trigger happy  and he should have popped shawty because forreal she was a bystander and he aint got dirt on her aka leverage  now if she popped dude nobody would have found out

  8. max just had the wrong  dude in the in plot dude was too trigger happy  and he should have popped shawty because forreal she was a bystander and he aint got dirt on her aka leverage  now if she popped dude nobody would have found out

  9. Free Max B yo!! The streets need that Fire that he brings to da Rap game!!


  11. The nigga wasnt even there!  How can ya prove to some one that he killed a man an wasnt even there?! That biiitch is lieing for shoe!!

  12. fukkkk noooo. I like the comment “hip hop aint dead, its behind bars” true. free the boss don. his wave is obserd. free the kid for his talent, havnt seen any like him EVER. who have u ever seen get paid to jus talk and watch his life like him??? biggest bail in rap history and no cd, no mtv or bet. that dude is talent at its finest. dam Im crushed, hip hop is realy losted for good now, thanks white people, they always gotta erase history,lol.

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  16. sometimes the crimes you rap about can be used against you in the court of LAW and he lived by the sword and now he has to suffer the consequences!no pussy, weed and money anymore for MAX B

  17. he should of got a good lawyer becuz as the case reads his ex girl friend said he help planed the crime true or not he wasnt there he didnt shoot anybody they lock him up becuz of his rep not for the crime lets be real 75 years for not being no where near the crime scene is sad

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  21. No offense to anyone who supports this guy. I never heard of him I am just writing a paper for my homework. Unfortunately when you even have an idea in a murder or robbery without being there it is conspiracy. And he got ratted out so that went all against him. Living that kind of life and rapping about probably doesn’t help either. I don’t wish jail on anybody but neither do I wish death so no need to argue about something that does not affect your personal life just learn form the ones who are making the mistakes. ONE LOVE

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