ASAAD - New Black History Month mixtape

Rising Philadelphia-bred rapper ASAAD (which means “lion” in Arabic) has been making a name for himself online over the few years, releasing music by himself through his Bandcamp and Tumblr pages.

Following his 2011 release, #DirtyMiddleClass, the rapper went back into the lab to record New Black History Month, which he has just released. The 16-track mixtape is a solid offering, boasting production credits from the likes of Bink!, Maestro, Tae Beats, and Problem, among others.

Asaad, himself, even makes his production debut on the track “Jumanji Flow,” which also serves as his first music video. Before its release just over a week ago, the Internet world had never seen him.

“The world has never really seen me before… like, last year, I hid behind Troy on the cover of #DirtyMiddleClass to buy myself a few more months of mystique. But now that we’re actually going to drop the video, I’m looking forward to the response,” he told in a recent interview.

The Re-Up Gang associate says he recorded the project in just two weeks, but says fans should expect it to be “overwhelmingly awesome.” Get it at

01. “Origins Of Cotton” (Prod. by Bink!)
02. “Batman” (Prod. by Problem)
03. “New Black History” (Prod. by Maestro)
04. “A$AP Bari” (Skit)
05. “Talk My Sh**” (Prod. by Tae Beast)
06. “B Sect” (Prod. by Tae Beast)
07. “Kids Reading Comics” (Prod. by Tae Beast)
08. “Black Recapitulation” (Prod. by Andrew Pramuk)
09. “Jumanji Flow” (Prod. by Asaad)
10. “D Life” (feat. I.N.I. & Walt Fraze) (Prod. by Problem)
11. “Drought 3 Flow” (Prod. by Nascent & QB)
12. “Song” (Prod. by Ben Pramuk)
13. “Paradise Of Birds” (Prod. by Cam Osteen)
14. “Lean Too Hard” (Prod. by Cam Osteen)
15. “Gratz St. Blues” (Prod. by DJ Nitro)
16. “Fransisco” (Prod. by Ray Bueno)