Nicki Minaj: Dirty Money (Freestyle) (Unreleased Throwback Video)

By BallerStatus Staff  |  02/20/2012

Today, Nicki Minaj is a certified hip-hop/pop superstar, recently gracing the Grammy stage and garnering one of the most talked about performances of the evening. But, nearly five years ago, the New York rapper wasn't as glitzy and glamorous as she is now.

In fact, it was her skills on the mic that got her noticed -- in addition to a promotional photo that surfaced back then, which has Nicki in the same pose as a classic Lil Kim shoot over a decade earlier (see here).

Here's a throwback clip of Nicki spitting bars on the block, showing you how much she changed over the years. Also, you may notice her referencing "Dirty Money" throughout her freestyle, but she's referring to Dirty Money Records, owned by "Come Up" DVD owner Fendi who put her on.