Scott Storch Busted In Las Vegas For Cocaine Possession

Scott Storch

Scott StorchAlthough producer Scott Storch famously fell from grace a few years ago, going through financial ruin and struggling with drug addiction, he returned in 2009 after resurfacing and revealing that he was going through rehab and was attempting to get his life back on track.

Well, for Scott, staying away from the party lifestyle and drugs is harder than expected.

According to TMZ, the producer was arrested in Las Vegas earlier this month for possession of cocaine.

Specifically, Storch was busted at the Cosmopolitan Hotel on February 4th at around 8:30 am. The police report said he tried to stash a baggie of cocaine in the trash can when authorities showed up, but hotel security gave cops a tip and they discovered it.

It contained 2.7 grams.

Storch was arrested and booked at a nearby police station, where he was released on $5k bond.

Stay tuned…

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