Nate Dogg’s Estate Sued By Caretakers, Saying He Owes $300K In Medical Bills

Nate Dogg

Nate DoggDuring the final years of Nate Dogg’s life, he was underground rehabilitative therapy to re-learn basic motor functions and speech.

Well, the treatment facility where he was staying is claiming they are owed hundreds of thousands in medical care and have never been paid.

According to TMZ, a judge has ordered that Nate’s estate pay his bill.

In legal documents obtained by the site, CareMeridian in Orange County, California claimed the the singer received more than $290,000 in medical treatment from 2008 until 2010.

They even said Nate’s managers, David Michery, personally guaranteed the facility would get paid.

However, in the lawsuit, the treatment center says the check never came … even after Nate died in 2011.

In court, a judge declared a default judgment against Nate Dogg’s estate, including Michery, ordering them to pay up $293,512.52.

Despite Nate Dogg’s success over the years, there’s been speculation that he may have been in financial array. Two days after his death, his Pomona, California home was foreclosed on … and longtime friend Snoop Dogg even opened up a memorial trust benefiting his children.

Seeing these reports, it’s unclear if his estate can even pay the tab on his medical bills.

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