Movie Trailers: The Bourne Legacy

By BallerStatus Staff  |  02/08/2012

Universal Pictures is gearing up fouth film in the "Bourne" film series, titled "The Bourne Legacy", set to drop in August.

After Matt Damon refused to return for a fourth film when director Paul Greengrass said it wasn't interested any further, they went back to the drawing board ... hired Tony Gilroy as writer/director and enlisted actor Jeremy Renner to play Aaron Cross to pick up with Damon left off.

In the newly released trailer, Renner is introduced as a unpredictable runaway who breaks free from a Treadstone program successor, Outcome ... and causes a lot of destruction. In it, they tout him as "Treadstone without the inconsistency."

The film stars Renner alongside Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton and several actors brought in to reprise their previous "Bourne" roles.

The film is slated to hit theaters August 3rd.