David Choe Talks New Facebook Wealth, Love Of Gambling & Jerking Off On ‘Howard Stern’ (Audio)

David Choe

Los Angeles artist David Choe has been all over the news for the past two weeks, due to news of a stock option he took with Facebook in 2005 over payment for painting their first office in Palo Alto, California.

That stock is estimated to worth anywhere from $100-$500 million-plus, sparking a media firestorm.

Apparently, major media outlets have been clamouring to get the first interview with him … but he hasn’t called anyone back. Instead, he opted to go on “The Howard Stern Show” to tell his wild story (NSFW).

During his long interview with Howard, Choe goes into his entire story … from how people have reacted to news of his new wealth, his wild days of making his first million by gambling in Las Vegas, being incarcerated in a Japanese prison, and of course, his dealings with Facebook.

One of the best interviews we’ve listened to in a long while. Below is the rest of the interview, via ShaBooty.com.

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