Movie Trailers: The Amazing Spider-Man

By BallerStatus Staff  |  02/07/2012

While "The Avengers" is sure to take over the box office in early May, another anticipated superhero film is on its way this summer -- "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Tobey Maguire and previous director Sam Raimi left the film when Sony Pictures scrapped "Spider-Man 4" in 2010, and instead opted to reboot the franchise with a focus on a younger Peter Paker who develops his abilities in high school. Thus, we have this new film with actor Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, as his love interest Mary Jane.

With Marc Webb at the helm, here's a look at "The Amazing Spider-Man", with Rhys Ifans as the film's villain, The Lizard.

The film hits theaters on July 3rd in 3D.