Honda/Acura NSX Retrospective (Video)

With interest peaking regarding the return of Acura’s supercar the NSX, hyped via a Super Bowl commercial starring Jerry Sienfield, the Japanese automaker puts together a seven-minute long tribute to the vehicle’s past and present.

The Honda NSX, or the Acura NSX as its known in the U.S., was a sought-after sports car that the Japanese car maker produced from 1990 up until 2005. Its production was ceased due to the low sales (a few hundred vehicles per year worldwide), and the company stated that it wasn’t “economically viable” to continue its manufacturing.

But apparently, Honda decided it was time for a comeback.

This retrospective clip highlights previous models of the car, including the NSX-R and 24 Heures de Le Mans version, the new model in the video game “Gran Turismo 5,” and of course, the proposed 2015 NSX.

While details of the upcoming NSX is still sketchy, it is rumored to feature a VTEC V6 engine of between 3.5 to 3.7 liters, with 400 hp and a Sports Hybird SH-AWD powertrain.

It is expected to go on sale by 2014, and retail for nearly $90,000.

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