Ras Kass Leaves Supergroup The HRSMN

Ras Kass

Ras KassAmong underground hip-hop fans, the debut project from supergroup The HRSMN has been as mythical as Dr. Dre’s long awaited Detox album, ever since the group’s members — Kurupt, Killah Priest, Canibus and Ras Kass — formed back in the 1990s.

But, when Kurupt announced that the group was reuniting in early 2010 and they began recording again, revealing studio session footage throughout the past couple years, fans were excited … and ready to finally hear material from the anticipated project.

Well, fans of The HRSMN were hit with a big blow this week, when Ras Kass revealed that he has parted ways with the group.

“After discussing with some of the people in my group and some of my other friends, things have gotten a little too complicated and out of hand. Some things I just don’t agree with. So, I am officially resigning out of The HRSMN,” Rasy stated in a video clip.

“It is what is it. The bottom line is I’m no longer part of The HRSMN,” he continued. “I have my relationships with certain people, but some things are just too complicated and not worth the drama that keeps constantly popping up.”

While Ras Kass didn’t divulge any specific details about his decision to leave the group, many believe that Canibus’ lone battle against fellow supergroup Slaughterhouse has caused a rift within The HRSMN.

In the past year, Canibus has been involved in a war of words with members of Slaughterhouse, specifically Royce Da 5’9 and Joe Budden. He claims the emcees said his career was finished in previous interviews, so he decided to go in.

Although he decided to call off the beef shortly after dropping a diss track, Canibus re-surfaced last week with a brand new diss aimed at the entire Slaughterhouse crew called “HRSHU Attack” (listen here ), finishing the song by challenging the group to a battle against his HRSMN group.

“What’chu you drinking? That look like wack juice / come at you / your rap group versus my rap group,” Canibus spits to close out the track.

So far, the other members of The HRSMN have yet to join in on Canibus’ lyrical war and it doesn’t seem like they want to, especially Ras Kass who has now left.

When Canibus initially dissed Slaughterhouse, Ras stated, via Twitter, that it “ain’t got sh** to do wit HRSMN.”

The current state of The HRSMN is currently unknown.

  1. eff that kick that ni99a canibus out the group hes been wack for awhile now. ras needs to come back do the album w/o bis

  2. ras kass was always the fruitcake softy outta the collective anyway..
    they shoulda kicked his ass outta the group when Game
    split his perm and he got up there on youtube makin threats
    the next day wita eye jammy and a handfulla bullets and no hammer
    and hes a housenigga cavebitch lover
    phoney 5%er jive pretender

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