IRS Files New Tax Lien On Bow Wow — Owes More Money For Unpaid Taxes

By Allen Starbury  |  01/30/2012

Bow WowDespite denying a previous report that claimed he owned the IRS money, Bow Wow is in the news again for the same thing for taxes he reportedly owns over the past four years.

According to TMZ, the rapper (real name: Shad Moss) not only owes money from unpaid taxes from 2006, as previously reported, but also from 2008 and 2010.

A new lien was filed against Bow Weezy in Georgia on January 9, which says the rapper owes just over $15,000 for unpaid taxes from 2008 and another $19,000 for 2010.

Combined with the lien filed late last year for over $91,000, that would be over $126,000 that Bow Wow owes to Uncle Sam.

Bow Wow's camp has yet to respond to the reports.

Back in November, when initial reports surfaced about his tax problems, he brushed them off claiming they were just "media lies."

"TMZ saying they are about to runa story on me thats once again 'Not True' as im sitting in my beautiful condo as of RIGHT NOW that they said i dont have anymore (Bow Wow with no home thats like a whore that doesn’t like d***)," the rapper said in a blog. "We all know not to believe anything the media writes or blogs its their job to entertain the minds of the simple minded."