Pair Of Film Makers Plan Documentary On History, Rising Popularity Of Cassette Tapes

cassette tapes

cassette tapesIf you grew up or were an adult in the late 1980s and 1990s, you are sure to remember cassette tapes.

The cassette contributed to the end of the 8-track and was one of the most common formats for pre-recorded music from the 1970s through the early 1990s. When CDs were introduced, but have declined in popularity ever since … and led to major music labels no longer issuing them.

The cassette didn’t offer the best sound quality and didn’t hold up with constant usage, but it gave consumers the ability to share and distribute music/audio easily … and don’t forget: it also helped birth a trend that is still very much popular today: mixtapes.

Apparently, the cassette tape is making a quiet comeback, as indie labels began issuing tape-only releases around the world. Why? Maybe nostalgia? We’re not sure, but whatever the case may be, a pair of New York-based fellas have begun filming a documentary, based around the cassette culture … in the past and present.

Dubbed “Cassette: A Documentary”, the film highlights cassette culture then and now … from its beginnings to its dominance in the 1980s to his decline to its rise in popularity today.

The documentary is still unfinished, and its creators (Zack Taylor and Seth Smoot) have launched a KickStarter campaign to find backers to finish it.

With $25,000 in financing, they hope to finish producing the film, conducting interviews with various manufacturers, musicians, and historians around the world to cover the cassette’s history complete.

Above is a trailer to get a taste of its direction.

To help, visit their page to donate, which comes with different levels of incentives — such as Associate Producer credits, a limited edition signed and numbered poster, a custom-made mixtape, tickets to the premiere and more.

Also, visit for further info.

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