Lil Wayne Launches Trukfit Clothing Line, Explains Origin Of Its Name

Lil Wayne x Trukfit

Lil Wayne x TrukfitLil Wayne recently debuted pieces from his new clothing brand Trukfit during the Long Beach edition of the 2012 Agenda fashion tradeshow last week. However, he didn’t offer any details himself.

On Thursday night (January 12), the hip-hop star threw a launch party of the new brand at El Privado inside Hotel Americano in New York City, during which he spoke about the Trukfit brand.

Wayne’s tagline for the brand is “Respect Few, Fear None.” He says the namee was inspired by his youth. As a youngster, the rapper would visit a truck with bootleg goods and purchase items from it.

“When a person could spot a fake, they’d be like ‘you got on the truck fit,’ ” he explained to MTV News. “So now, it’s cool to have on the Truckfit, ya dig?”

The rap star showed up to the event, rocking a pink Trukfit tee and matching fitted cap.

The skateboard-inspired apparel line is set to be released nationwide at Zumiez retailers and very soon.

For more information, visit the official website at

  1. waaaaaaakkkkkkkk  what a sad attempt to tap into a culture that he gets no respect from

  2. Lil wayne respects an loves the skateboard community dumb fuck!

  3. ok so the line is named after clothes that were name brand but cheaper price because they were sold off a truck so they called em truckfits in the N.O. now he has a clothing line called Trukfit which is clothes that are the same as name brand with cheaper material sold at a much higher price? tell me where this makes sense but I forgot all the ppl that buy these clothes get money from their parents to do so.

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