Artist Who Tatted ‘Drake’ On Fan’s Foreheard Confronted By Rapper’s Security?

Drake fan tattoo

By now, everyone’s seen the girl who was such a big fan of rapper Drake that she got his name tattoo’d on her forehead.

After the pic made its way around the Internet, the YMCMB Canadian-bred star expressed his anger over the tatt, not to the fan, but to the artist who did it, he vowed to “f*** him up” if he ever saw him.

While the artist, who’s been identified as Kevin Campbell, hasn’t been assaulted by Drizzy, there was some sort of confrontation recently

Campbell, who tattoos out of Los Angeles’ Will Rise Tattoo, claims the rapper visited the shop recently … but there wasn’t no assault. Instead, Drake parked out front of the shop in his limo and sent in his security guard.

On Wednesday (January 11), during a Twitter exchange with a user named @Matt_Kaleta, Campbell was questioned about the whole ordeal and asked if anything with Drake ever took place. Campbell responded, revealing that the Toronto-born MC allegedly showed up to the shop, but failed to actually show his face.

“Guess you could call it sorted out. When Drake was in LA last, he parked out front the shop and sent in his huge security dude,” Campbell tweeted (@kcampbelltattoo).

A day earlier, the tattoo artist wrote: “Calling Drake “soft” was like calling Justin Bieber a pussy. I kinda feel bad for the dude now.”

Los Angeles-bred graffiti legend Saber later chimed in (@Saber), adding: “Metrosexual actor rapper @drake waits in limo as he sends his body guards in to tattshop to see if everything is cool. @kcampbelltattoo”

What’s your take on the situation? Maybe when Common called Drake “Sweet” he was right?

  1. Wow Drake!!  You can’t be a man and step to the guy you have an issue with instead send in your bodyguard??  So glad we still have rappers like Common calling out the fakes in this  so called industry.  

  2. LoL drake can’t fight his own fight LoL

    What a bitch made ass nigga

  3. I honestly think you’re both queers… lame is your life that you site on the internet and try to shit talk millionaires. fucking losers lol

  4. Damn for a mello dude Drake sure is sparking a lot of negative energy lately. He did bring it on himself by publicly saying that he’d ‘f*** dude up’. If I was that tattoo artist I’d let Drake’s bodyguards whoop me on camera and take that sh!t to court. hahaha
    As far as the Common beef I’d bet that Drake said something about Common and it got back to him and that’s why he came at him. But ‘Sweet’ didn’t mention names. If Drake took it personal then that’s on him. I don’t take it personal when rappers rant about broke nighs. lol
    Keep grindin everybody.

  5. I may not be a millionaire, but at least I can fight my own battles…..Drake hahaha!!!!

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